Firefighters in Odisha helped a woman in childbirth amidst Amphan super cyclone

This wonderful news come to us from Odisha, India

Super cyclone Amphan has played havoc in parts of India. When Odisha was swaying with high speed wind, 20-year-old Janaki was crying out loud in labor pain. On May 20th, Odisha was facing a severe challenge and at around 9 am the Mahakalapada fire station got a call for help.

It was Janaki’s husband who informed the fire station personnel about the ambulance being stuck because of uprooted trees causing road blockages at intervals.  He had called for the ambulance at 6 in the morning but it could not arrive. Two teams immediately left for the rescue operation and they carried adequate equipment to face the calamity. After removing around 22 trees with the help of power saws the teams finally reached the couple’s house.

Janaki could not hold it any further and she delivered a beautiful baby girl in the fire vehicle itself. The personnel in the vehicle tried everything possible to comfort and help Janaki and the vehicle was rushed to a Community Health Center so that the mother and the baby could be further treated.

Janaki’s husband Hatim who is a farmer by profession said that he was extremely tensed while traveling to the CHC but his happiness knew no bounds when Janaki and the baby was declared to be safe. Hatim also thanked the fire team and said that he would never forget this day and the greatness of the people who helped him in this time of need.

Meanwhile the cyclone disrupted both Odisha and West Bengal. Prayers are pouring in from all across the nation. May God give strength to the people of both these states.

Image Credits: India TV News

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