Woman sewing face masks hangs them on a ‘giving tree’ for anyone to take it

This wonderful news comes from Lisbon.

Deb Siggins is a 55 years old woman who has a very great talent of sewing clothes. This is the time where we have witnessed fights about toilet rolls, sanitisers and masks. Deb has used her talent for sewing to help those who are unable to buy masks for outside. The masks have become one of the most essential items to save ourselves from the virus spreading through communication.

Her act of kindness began with the thought of her helping the neighborhood hospital. She wanted to donate 100 handmade masks to help the people in the medical sector as she saw the shortage of the masks amid Coronavirus. She was appreciated for her noble work that motivated her to sew more and more masks.

She has till now sew more than hundreds of masks all by herself. The medical staff of her community has also thanked her for the spirit she has brought among the people by doing her bit.

She wanted to help with the shortage of masks while maintaining social distancing guidelines, Deb got an idea of hanging up her homemade masks, which she sews on the tree. The people started calling the tree the ‘giving tree’ because it appeared that Santa has come to give us gifts to take care of them. The mask is free of cost and can be taken up by anyone.

The masks usually disappear within a day and she regularly restocks them. She plans to continue sewing the masks for free until the pandemic is over. Deb said that the request for mask has been overwhelming and it makes her happy as she is a giver not a taker and it makes her happy to help.

Image Source: Indian Express

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