Guntur: Neighbors welcomed this corona survivor family with love

This inspiring news come to us from Guntur, India

Despite several warnings from the government, people in our nation are constantly seen spreading fake covid-19 messages over WhatsApp. If there’s even one person suspected of having being infected with the virus, the detail is immediately circulated on WhatsApp and all the nearby localities become aware of the person’s ill health.

This issue became a matter of concern for a 45-year-old businessman from Andhra Pradesh’s Guntur city. This man along with his wife, uncle as well as sister had tested positive and all of them were being treated in NRI hospital. On the day of discharge, the family was not willing to go back to their locality because they feared people will shun them. The so called social stigma was making their hearts heavy and they had no show of happiness even though they had fought covid-19 and came out victorious.

They somehow buried the fear deep down and went on. The family was shocked on seeing the reaction of their neighbors. They were given a warm welcome and were offered fruits as a gesture of happiness. The neighborhood was overwhelmed with joy to have the family back safe and sound.

It was the man who was first diagnosed with covid 19 when he voluntarily went for the test after having dry cough and fever. He was really scared about the health of his family members and the other three also tested positive. The family kept their will power strong and came out victorious after 14 days of treatment at the hospital. They were extremely thankful and grateful to the hospital staff and nurses for serving them throughout the period.

We hope people accept the other families around the globe too with love and respect. Do not let the social stigma prevail!

Image Credits: The Hans India

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