A UK Scientist has started to use satellite imagery to detect plastic pollution in the ocean

This wonderful news comes United Kingdom.

Lauren Biermann an Earth observation scientist who was looking at the images of ocean covered by the satellite. She was shocked to see the lines which were not plants and she was uncertain about this which made her worried that this could be pollution in the form of plastic or anything toxic.

She started investigating to prove that these lines are not plastic. She used the project performed by the University of the Aegean in Greece, where they used drone and satellite image technology to identify all that was floating on the surface of ocean. She felt hideous realising that all those are plastic and waste in the ocean.

Biermann and her team started the research they obtained high-resolution optical data from the European Space Agency (ESA), which is gathered by the Sentinel-2 Earth observation satellite. Second, they used the plastic target data from the University of the Aegean to help differentiate plastic debris from natural objects like driftwood and seaweed. They further developed an algorithm to understand the non-biodegradable waste inside the ocean. There are problems associated with plastic that tends to get pushed around in the ocean, winds and ocean currents and doesn’t stay in one place.

The motive behind the optical satellite data is to help identify these wastes, and organizations can use this information to work on clean-up operations. There is abundance of waste that is introduced inside the ocean. As humans we need to limit our waste production and create a healthy environment.

Image Source: The Rising

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