Man reunites with birth mother in Japan

This wonderful news comes to us from Japan.

Bruce Hollywood is 45 years old and has adoptive parents. They always encouraged him to track and reach out to his birth mother, but he never paid much heed to them. It took a heart attack, when he was lying in the ambulance, that he had a moment of epiphany and regretted never taking the trouble to meet her.

After Bruce recovered, he began searching for the woman who had given him up for adoption to an American military couple who were stationed in Japan in 1960. Bruce called the Japanese embassy as well as the American embassy without any luck and even went to the extent of hiring a private investigator but to no avail.

However, one day Bruce, an Air Force colonel, found himself sitting next to a man at a bar and when he mentioned his unsuccessful search, the man offered to help. Bruce did not have high expectations but nevertheless shared all the information he had and viola, ten days later, he got a call from the Japanese Embassy.

The spokesman at the phone said, “Colonel Hollywood, we’re really pleased to tell you that we have found your mother, she is going to call you at this phone number in 10 minutes and she doesn’t speak English, good luck.”

Bruce got hold of an interpreter for the call and finally got to speak to his birth mother, Nobue Ouchi who was crying with joy upon being reunited with her son after 45 long years. As they talked, the interpreter told Bruce that tomorrow was his mother’s 65th birthday and she had always dreamed that he would be reunited with her.

Over the next few years, Bruce and his birth mother flew back and forth, learnt each other’s languages and became incredibly close. Bruce also visited the bar that his mother owned in Shizuoka, Japan and discovered that she had named it “Bruce”.

His mother also gave him a slip of paper that had his birth father’s name written on it and with this new information, Bruce was able to meet a new older brother who told him that he had always wanted a sibling.

The best moment came on that fateful first call, where the interpreter told him that his mother never remarried because she felt in her heart that there was only room for one man, and it was him!

Image Source: Washington Post

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