Man cleans headstones during daily walks, hailed

This wonderful news comes to us from England.

An English father along with his three children has been utilizing their daily outings during the COVID-19 crisis shutdowns to clean the neglected headstones in cemeteries.

Ever since the lockdown was implemented, 37 year old Ryan van Emmenis has been taking part in walks in his native place in WInsford, Cheshire.

Ryan was inspired to start his labor of love when a friend of his posted a picture of their family member’s headstone in Facebook. The grave looked the worse for wear and this inspired Ryan to clean up the headstone for free. He is the owner of a cleaning company and had the required tools and materials.

Ryan was pleasantly surprised to find how changed the headstone was after his cleaning effort. This inspired him to take 20 minutes out of his daily walks in order to clean up some of the grave markers dotting the town, Taking the help of his kids, he has managed to tidy up two dozen headstones in the St Chad’s and Swanlow Park cemeteries.

Ryan shares that while he has been using industrial cleaning products for some of the older headstones; his kids have been using soap and water.

Ryan says, “You’ve got to be respectful of the fact that it is someone’s family member, it’s someone’s memories. You’ve got to make sure that you’re using the right products and you’re being careful and delicate with it. Some of these headstones I’m cleaning are over a hundred years old and with algae and moss, you have to be really careful.”

Ryan has posted some of his work to social media where he received a lot of praise for his good deeds. People have been thanking him for taking care of the headstones of their friends and family and to Ryan this is a very special feeling indeed.         

Image source: Good news Network

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