Brothers sell land for 25 lakh to feed poor amid coronavirus lockdown

This motivating news comes from India

It is said that unless and until you are in the shoes of pain bearer you will never understand the scars it creates. Tajammul and Muzammil are businessmen in Karnataka; they have seen a lot of ups and downs from the beginning of their life. They were around 5 when they lost their parents. When the entire country went under lockdown it was the daily wage worker who suffered the most. The brothers could not see this and decided to do their bit by selling their lack to raise the money required for help.

They used the 25 lakh rupees to set up a tent next to their house and started a community kitchen to make food for poor people and laborers. The brothers said that when their parents died they were directionless but everyone from society helped them despite being from different religions. They said they wouldn’t have survived if the community wouldn’t have supported them. The brothers have signed a society agreement with the land buyer and would complete all the formal land registering steps once the office opens. The brothers have left no stone unturned to help the jobless and poor and had made sure that nobody sleeps empty stomachs in their area. Everyone in the society claims them to be a gem and they are popularly being called brothers with a golden heart.

The country has further extended the lockdown by 2 weeks and is practicing string guidelines of lockdown. The COVID-19 is said to be controlled with the help of measures being practiced.

Image Source: NDTV

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