Jodhpur woman gave birth in car with the help from cops on road

This uplifting news come to us from Jodhpur, India

The lockdown period is giving the world new stories and the cops standing in full support are facing new issues every other day. From helping pregnant ladies in reaching the hospital timely to providing supplies to the needy in remote areas, the cops are doing every possible thing to serve the nation. Amidst all this, the cops also got involved in bringing a new life on earth.

It so happened in Jodhpur that a woman screaming in pain was being taken to the hospital for delivery when her SUV broke down on the way. The car was luckily near a barricade and police officials came forward to offer help.  Preeti Chandra, deputy commissioner of police, Jodhpur (West) said that it was around 7:30 in the evening that the SUV broke down near a barricade. The police officials spotted a pregnant lady screaming in labor and they immediately called for medical help.

Preeti Chandra ordered her women constable team to guard the area where the car stood by. She told the male officials to arrange for a doctor and nurse but destiny had some other plan. Preeti noticed that the delivery process had already begun and the baby was on its way out. She hurriedly told to call a local ambulance and medical staff and the woman gave birth to a lovely girl child in the SUV itself.

After this, the mother and child were quickly taken to a nearby hospital for further processes. The cop team decided to stay with the family until the doctors assured them that both were doing good.

“We too were nervous as it was race against time. Thankfully the mother and child are fine” quoted Preeti Chandra.

Image Source: The Quint

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