Gardening couple outdo themselves during lockdown with spectacular results

This wonderful news comes to us from Britain.

A couple, responsible for creating “Britain’s best garden” have put in a stellar effort with a spring spectacular which is pulling in huge appreciation after spending the lockdown period tending to their oasis.

Tony Newton is a retired medical doctor while his wife is retired transport planner and they have planted 3000 plants and flowers including 450 azaleas, 120 Japanese maples, and 15 blue star junipers, all in one quarter acre of space.

This enterprising couple has spent the last 38 years in transforming their yard situated in the industrial heartland of the Black Country into what is now known as the “four seasons garden”.

After the lockdown due to the COVID-19 virus, the couple began to self-isolate, and have continued to plant Acers and camellias thanks to online shopping and deliveries.

Drone pictures show the garden in Walsall, West Midlands, literally exploding with reds, pinks, purples and greens and the couple say that this is the most stunning display they have ever known.

Marie is 72 years old and she is the grandmother of four. She started tending to the garden in 1982 and her husband Tony, 70, joined her after he retired from a career in medicine.

She says, “Tony and I usually spend two hours a day in the garden but obviously since the lockdown we have more time on our hands, especially as we are both over 70 now.”

She adds, “One addition was that we put up three bird feeding stations, which we haven’t normally had and that’s given an immense amount of pleasure. We have got so many different types of birds coming out. “

They have everything they need for the garden online including lots of plants, vegetable seeds and bird food. All of these are available to them online.

Marie says “I always look forward to spring, and this year has been especially rewarding. I have never seen the garden look so beautiful. I’m very proud and it gives me an enormous sense of optimism.”

The couple has also playfully recreated a huge image of an owl that is only observable from pictures taken by drones of the garden.

They say that there is always something to do in the garden, be it tending to flowerbeds or even watering the plants. Their hobby has slowly turned into a good obsession as they think about the garden all the time.

The couple have won several awards and thins includes their mantle as the winner of Britain’s best garden.

Mary says that she has not been able to do a complete audit of the garden but is confident that it has over 3000 plants in total. “It has been very satisfying to use so many skills, and to have done every task ourselves. All but two of the plants in the garden have been planted by us.

Old pictures from 1980 show exactly how much work the couple has put in, transforming their muddy lawn and broken rockery into the oasis that it is today. A lot of the plants in the garden are over 30 years old and that’s no mean achievement.

This garden is so popular that it also features in unofficial tourist trails of the Black Country. Tony says,” We’ve had over 14,000 people from over 48 different countries who have visited our garden, but this year they couldn’t and that’s a real shame.”

The couple signs off by saying that they are already contemplating what to plant the next coming season!

Image source: Good News Network

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