Czech create app for delivery drivers to report domestic abuse

This wonderful news comes from Czech.

The covid-19 pandemic has made several country go under lockdown and people are practicing social distancing by staying at home. As it is bring encouraged to spend more time with family, the number of domestic violence cases has gone up. It is disturbing to know that even in the 21st century, domestic abuse cases are on a rise.

The Vodafone Foundation, ROSA have put up an initiative to be followed by the delivery and courier people to report any domestic abuse. The people have gone under training where they were taught on how to recognize the signs of domestic violence and how they should lend help to the victim. The delivery person is expected to be aware while delivering the courier, if the woman/man comes to pick up the delivery and is in a crying state or has bruises or if they could hear the sound of shouting, beating or swearing. They should always lend a hand to help.

There is a mobile application for the victims called Bright Sky CZ and is used by the Czech police officers for counselling and intervention centres since it has been launched. This app is expected to be used by the delivery persons to provide the information of the victim. Obviously the delivery person wouldn’t know all the personal information about the victim but they can report the area, building and flat number where the violence has been witnessed by them. The app is free in the country and has seen a total 700+ downloads.

It is a simple app to report your issue and helps connect with the right person to provide guidance. This domestic violence prevention is encouraged in all the region to control this social evil. The human right commissioner asked the government to donate more funds to the organisation and this initiative should be made permanent even after the  pandemic vanishes. Domestic violence is a social evil that has been corrupting us morally since forever but it high time that we remove it from the root.

Image Source: KafkaDesk

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