Ahmedabad police got a van that can sanitize 8 policemen together in few seconds

This wonderful news come to us from Ahmedabad, India

The Ahmedabad crime branch was stunned when eight of their police officers and personnels tested positive for coronavirus. The crime branch also thought that it was time they have something that could help the officers who are risking their life each day.

The team came up with the concept of a sanitizing van. Earlier, the team had got a van designed but it could only sanitize one person at a time. With the virus spreading like wildfire, something more effective and time saving was needed. So this time a new van can sanitize 8 people at a time and it would only take 30 seconds to do so.

Ajay Tomar a special police commissioner in the crime branch said that police officials just have to sit inside the van and within 30 seconds their whole body would get sanitized.

Tomar also said that many police personnels are working in corona affected zones as well as places that are quarantine centres and even though they tend to use sanitizers to disinfect their hands they are afraid that they might still carry the virus when they go home after duty. They are scared of their shoes, belts as well as uniform remaining exposed to the deadly virus during their duty.

For the sanitization van, the team contacted Dr. Vineet Mishra working in the civil hospital’s kidney department. Dr. Mishra cooperated with the team and gave them a mixture of methyl alcohol coupled with two binding agents. This works as a sanitizer and it is filled in the van’s tank located on the top.

One such wonder van has already been set up and the second one is in process. The team has decided to make the van available in corona concentrated areas where police officials are exposed to danger.

Sanitization is the only way we can somehow save ourselves from the virus and with the situation getting out of control everywhere it is necessary that at least our fighters take the right precaution. The mini sanitization van is an absolute wonder and we hope measures like these are taken all across the country. This is a boost for our fighters and they totally deserve to be saved.

Image Source: Times Of India

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