LEGO factory produces protective face visors for medical workers

This wonderful news comes to us from Denmark.

The Lego factory which is famous for churning out plastic bricks and accessories for imaginative children is now in the news again. This time they are using their facilities to help in the COVID-19 crisis by producing tens of thousands of protective facial covers for the medical workers battling it out in the frontlines.

Going by an Instagram post that was published by LEGO earlier in the week, the company’s Billund based factory in Denmark has reconfigured some machinery to produce nearly 13,000 plastic masks per day. These masks will be distributed to medical facilities and hospitals all over the country.

These plastic masks do not offer the same level of protection as N95 masks, but they will serve as an additional layer of protection in the high risk areas.

A Lego spokesperson says, “This week we began to produce visors at our factory in Billunnd for healthcare workers on the frontline in Denmark. We are so incredibly proud of the team who made this happen. They worked around the clock to create designs and make moulds that can produce more than 13,000 visors a day. We are grateful to have such talented, dedicated, and caring colleagues.”

This week, Lego also announced that they would be donating 500,000 of their iconic brick sets to the children in need during the COVID-19 outbreak. Though the company did not specify how the sets would reach the children, it asked their social media fans to show solidarity to the NHS by building a brick rainbow.

Image Source: Upworthy

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