An initiative in England is helping people call university students for help amidst lockdown

This wonderful news come to us from England, United Kingdom

With the coronavirus outbreak in the whole world, many countries are in complete lockdown. This implies shutdown of universities and colleges as well thus giving too much of free time to students.

There are also people who are unable to step out of their homes to fetch basic essentials for day to day living. In order to help such people, a new initiative came into being. Called #Task4help, this initiative is a bridge between the idle students and the helpless people. Here isolated people can allot tasks to students who can then move out and buy necessary supplies for them.

The UniTaskr app founders came up with this great initiative. This app is generally used by people to post freelance jobs for students willing to work.

A woman namely Nina Richards aged 82 praised this app saying, “UniTaskr has been my saviour as I am alone and isolated. It was easy to use and the delightful, friendly young people that have helped me have been incredible.” She also said that she came through students who stood by her window and chatted for sometime. Well, this really helps during isolation.

The process involves people posting about their requirement. They mention the stuff needed, the required delivery period and the address of delivery. As soon as the job details are up, students in the particular area are notified and they can then apply for the job. The one who posts the job can select any student and assign him the job. When this is done, both the student and the poster are connected through a private chat. When the student picks up the stuff, he sends the invoice so that the buyer can make payment. The delivery is then made.

The job order can also be created on someone else’s behalf. This is helpful for people who are not tech savvy. This initiative is coming in handy for people who are self isolating and aren’t capable enough to move out. It is also giving most of the students a feel good factor because they opine that it is better to help someone in need that to sit idle at home and waste time.

We are taking several steps to cope with the pandemic and there’s still hope that we would defeat it soon.

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