Picture taken when clouds around the moon makes it look like Saturn

This beautiful news comes from United Kingdom.

Francisc Sojue is a photographer who began his hiking above the Acatenango base camp to witness the breath-taking sunrise, little did he know that after 6 hours of hiking the he is going to capture an iconic photograph. The picture shows the moon with clouds engulfed perfectly taking the shape of rings. The picture of moon at the first glance gives an illusion of it being the planet Saturn.

NASA shared the image on its Astronomy Picture of the Day and it became viral. The organisation played with humour on how the Saturn looks so big and later clarified it being the stunning photo of moon disguised as Saturn.

 Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and it is considered different as it has rings around it. The planet has thousands of rings around it due to the distance it appears as one. The rings are made from dust, rock, ice and gets stuck due to the temperature and other external forces involved. The picture of moon is truly one of a kind and cannot be witnessed frequently.

Image Source: Apod Nasa

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