Mother saves toddler from crocodile by sticking finger up reptile’s nose

This wonderful news comes from Zimbabwe.

There is no love greater than mother’s love. The world can be against you but still she will be holding your hand tight to give strength to fight the whole world.
Maurina Musisinyana is a 30 year old woman, mother of two who went with her children fishing. Her children were playing on the bank of river that is when she heard a scream and saw a crocodile dragging away one of her child.

Maurina was shocked on the sight and wanted to save her child on any cost. She jumped on the reptile and used her fingers to block its nose which ultimately forced it to release its grip on the boy.

His son had a little injury on his hand as the crocodile bit him. Maurina took her son to the hospital while he was bleeding heavily; he was unconscious and was not able to breathe properly. The boy was rushed to the hospital at the right time otherwise it would have been difficult for him to live. He is all sound and recovered now.

The crocodile in the river are very dangerous and can grow up to 20ft and as heavy as 100 stones. They attack more than 200 people in an year and hence are very deadly. The child experienced a miracle since he came out from the mouth of crocodile.

Image Source: The Gaurdian

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