11 year old girl from Hyderabad started a campaign and raised 9.2 lakhs for the poor amidst lockdown

This inspiring news come to us from Hyderabad, India

Like an angel she came forward and did something so wonderful that even the adults were put to shame. The grown-ups as well as the ones who are financially strong are busy worrying about their businesses and jobs. They are hardly paying any heed to the government pleading to help the poor.

Ridhi Vangapally from Hyderabad is a student of sixth standard and you will be shocked to know that the little girl was disturbed when she realised that there are thousands and thousands of under privileged people who are having sleepless nights and tiring days because of unavailability of basic necessities like food.

Ridhi did three noble deeds that meant a lot and definitely brightened up the lives of so many poor people. Firstly she gave up her entire pocket money for the betterment of those people. Secondly, she raised a good amount of money from her friends, family and relatives. Thirdly, she started an online campaign requesting people to donate for the needy.

Her proud mom Shilpa Vangapally told that her girl is really working hard in order to provide relief to the needy and poor. She firstly jotted down the basic needs of people and then calculated the cost estimate of these things. She also prepared the estimated day for which the noted supplies would suffice a family of four people. She then designed a supply kit.

For the supply kit, she was initially able to collect INR 1.3 lakhs from friends and family. With this initial amount she was able to arrange 200 kits which were distributed on April 2nd with Cyderabad police’s cooperation and help.

Ridhi and her family then moved a step further and contacted Milaap where she initiated a crowdfunding page. The girl urged people to help the poor by contributing whatsoever amount possible. She was able to raise around 6.2 lakhs and the family is now busy in preparing 1000 kits.

When kids are also coming forward in support, why can’t we? Ridhi, the little girl is really an angel. A big salute to her family for the upbringing of such a beautiful soul. This crucial time is hitting the poor and needy hard and with our support they can somehow try and fight the pandemic instead of succumbing to it.

Image Source: Times Of India

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