Indian farmer is giving away free vegetables to the poor and decided to do so till lockdown continues

This inspiring news come to us from Karnataka, India

The lockdown period has been bringing many heroes in the limelight and recently a farmer came forward in this list due to his generosity.

Hailing from the Erode district of Alampalayam village the farmer namely G S Mathesh aged 36 has 10 acres of cultivating land in Karnataka’s Udayarpalayam village. Having cultivated several vegetables including ladyfinger, beetroot, cabbage, garlic, tomato etc, Mathesh was supposed to harvest them in late March. He had no knowledge that the lockdown scenario would shatter his plans.

When Mathesh was devastated by his loss, he started thinking of any alternative to earn money. Gradually, he came to know that his villagers are being forced to pay inflated rates for vegetables in the market. Mathesh was stunned to see that people are looting others and making use of the lockdown by selling things for an inflated price. He then decided to give his vegetables to the poor and needy for free.

He first convinced his family members to support him in the noble deed and with the help of his family, he began harvesting the vegetables grown on his land. Mathesh travels 110 kms from his home in Alampalayam to his farmland in Udayarpalayam. He has been giving out his land grown vegetables for free and he claimed to have already distributed 7 tones of vegetables absolutely free. It roughly comes to a value of INR 8 lakhs.

Mathesh has been doing this since March 27th and he also opined that he would continue giving out the veggies free of cost till the lockdown continues. He travels everyday in order to get the veggies loaded on a truck from his farmland.

Till the time we have generous people like Mathesh, our nation will be blessed. He is an inspiration for the people who are still thinking of ways to help the poor but haven’t yet taken any step. His action is also a tight slap on the face of all those traders and grocers who have been looting people and taking undue advantage of the lockdown. Unavailability of stuff should not cause a hike in the price. People should understand that during this trying times, we need to help others and make sure that the underprivileged are satisfied somehow.

Image Credits: Times Of India

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