Hardworking laborers refuse to accept handouts, color the school where they are quarantined

This wonderful news comes to us from Sikar in Rajasthan, India.

A group of laborers quarantined in a school in Sikar have shown exemplary character. They have worked in exchange for food and shelter and have painted the school’s verandah’s in a unique show of solidarity to the villagers.

Some migrant workers from Haryana, UP and Bihar had been quarantined in Pilsana’s Sahid Sitaram Seth Kanhaiyalal Rumavi School. Instead of sitting idle, they have painted the school in exchange for the food that is arranged for them free of cost. In this initiative of the laborers, the youth of the village have also gotten involved in the work. Seeing the laborers working towards the betterment of the school, the alumni and the neighboring villagers have also collected one lakh rupees from willing donors so that the painting of the school can be accomplished.

Sarpanch Roop Singh says that a quarantine center had been built in the village school because of the Corona virus pandemic. Here around 54 laborers from Haryana, UP and Bihar was kept till the 18th of April. The villagers pitched in and contributed towards the food and drink of the laborers. However, after a few days, the laborers told the villagers that they were uncomfortable with just sitting there and receiving food for free. They said that they are hardworking people and wanted to work for their food. They further said that since the villagers were feeding them, they want to do something for the betterment of the village.

Three of the laborers, Shankar Singh, Omprakash and Ravi from Haryana suggested that they do the painting work of the school. Acting upon this, the sarpanch of the village took permission from the administration and opened the hardware shop in the village so that the painting implements and paint could be given to the laborers. Also, some alumni of the village school, namely Mukesh, Hariprasad and Vinod also got involved with the painting job. So far, two verandahs of the school have been painted in bright colors, breathing life into the school.

We need more conscientious people like the stranded laborers to strive for betterment even in the face of a grave danger like the COVID-19.

Image Source: Jobs Vacancy

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