Eagles make triumphant return to the skies of England and Ireland

This wonderful news comes to us from England and Ireland.

Over the recent years, eagles had been nearly exterminated through aggressive hunting over England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, but according to researchers, they are making a resounding comeback.

In Glenveagh National Park in Ireland, golden eagles had all but disappeared but with the help of the Golden eagle Trust, the majestic birds collected from eyries in Scotland were released into the park and today, the park boasts of quite a stable population of these magnificent birds.

Cut to England, and white tailed eagles had become extinct on the cliffs and coasts of Great Britain. These amazing birds are also known as sea eagles and they happen to be one of the largest eagle species on the planet.

A long 240 years after the last sighting of eagles, a mature white tailed eagle was seen soaring over the North York Moors. This happens to be a direct result of many eaglets that were released on the cliff sides of the Isle of Wight.

These eagles were also collected via a Scottish National Heritage license from the same populations that were used in the Glenveagh project. The sea eagle project is a part of a 5 year strategy that is looked after and managed by the Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation and Forestry England so that the eagles can be brought back.

The eaglets were looked after by a team of volunteers and experts to ensure that the birds were well looked after and happy all the way to adulthood after which they were released into the wild. The team has also worked to make sure that there were ample feeding stations that would guarantee that the birds would not stray into human habitats and risk being injured by windmills, glass buildings or other hazards.

Roy Dennis is the brains behind this project and he says, ”I have spent much of my life working on the reintroduction of these amazing birds, and so watching them take to the skies of the Isle of Wight has been truly a special moment. Establishing a population of white-tailed eagles in the south of England will link and support emerging populations of these birds in the Netherlands, France and Ireland, with the aim of restoring the species to the southern half of Europe. The team is pleased that the project fulfills one of the specific aims of the Government’s 25 year Environment Plan.”

Image Source: Sugbo

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