Corona warrior travels 1500 km to help with testing

This wonderful and encouraging news comes to us from India.

Ramakrishna is one of many brave Corona warriors who are leading the fight against the COVID-19. He dropped everything he was doing back home in Telengana and travelled 1500 km to Lucknow when he received a call from his guide requesting that he return to his laboratory to help with testing for Corona virus.

Ramakrishna is a PhD scholar at the microbiology department of Lucknow’s King George Medical University. He was helping his parents to farm their native land in the village in Khammam district when Amita Jain, his head of department called him on the phone. Ramakrishna’s help was needed to test samples for the COVID-19 infection which was rapidly spreading amongst the populace.

Upon receiving the call, Ramakrishna immediately packed his bags and also lied to his parents who were worried about the spread of the virus. He was ready to leave within the hour and on 21st March he set off , telling his parents that he was going to Hyderabad to write his thesis at the home of a friend. Even then, his parents were not too convinced, worried that they were about their son making the 270 km journey in testing times. However, they finally relented and let him go.

On the way Ramakrishna was stopped by the police, but when he explained the purpose of the journey, they let him travel, even helping him on the way. He boarded a flight to Lucknow and reached his place of calling at KGMU where his guide was delighted to have him come at such short notice.

A recent tweet by Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra cast Ramakrishna in the public eye, but he insists that he is just doing his duty like all the other people in the medical fraternity in order to fight the pandemic.

His guide Amita Jain is the head of the department, Microbiology, KGMU. She says that she had called 4 students for help. She said that when she called Ramakrishna on the phone, he requested one hour to convince his parents and within an hour, he said that he was coming.

We need more people like Ramakrishna who can step up the fight against the corona virus and help to stop the pandemic from spreading.

Image Source:  Live Mint

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