UK mom came up with a list of to do things for kids during self quarantine

This wonderful news come to us from United Kingdom.

It is high time people need to come up with something interesting in order to help kids come out of boredom. The self isolation period is getting too tedious for the families all around the world because having nothing to do is in itself a lot.

The lockdown is seriously affecting kids as they are missing their playtime with friends. This mom from United Kingdom thought of helping out all the moms around the world and thus she came up with a list of things to do at home for kids. Well, she just included pretty normal things and nothing exaggerated. Everything that she jotted down is possible for moms around the globe. The mum namely Vicky Blyde also opined that instead of simply letting your children sit in front of the TV all day long, it is better to keep them engaged in something fun and productive.

With productive she meant using rubbish to design models, trying out simple home science experiments, cutting out old magazine papers to make chains, flying paper planes etc. She also said that mums could involve the child in cooking and baking for the family. Other activities included, treasure hunt, kid friendly fashion show involving dressing up like a fashionista, building dens etc.

Blyde feels these activities could keep any child of school going age busy and mums could easily relax or participate with the kid whenever necessary. The self isolation period if handled tactfully can be really engrossing for the families. Instead of sticking to our gadgets, it is time we think about Blyde’s list of activities and pick the ones that would suit our family and kids.

So, what are you planning to do with your kid next?

Image Source: No Camels

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