The only tree in the world with postal address which is responsible for over 100 marriages

This wonderful news comes from Germany.

There is an oak tree in Eutin, Germany which is nearly 500 years old. The tree is named ‘Bridegroom’s Oak’. It is famously said that this tree was planted as a gesture of thanks by the son of a Celtic chieftain after he was tied to a tree in the forest and was released by a Christian girl. Though the story has no proper evidence of being true but yet it made the tree as a romance symbol. It is said that nearly 100 years ago, the forest’s head daughter was in love with a boy but the girl and boy couldn’t talk so they exchanged love letters by keeping it in the hole of the tree.

The news spread like fire after their successful love story. And the tradition of writing letters to the tree began. The tree became so popular among the people that the German officials from the postal department gave the tree its own postal code in 1927, and whosoever can write to the tree within the country.

More than hundred marriages has been done with the help of this match making tree. Even a postal worker, who used to deliver letters to the tree, met his wife through the bridegroom’s oak tree. It has also witnessed some weddings under it since the couple were so touched about their union.

The tree is considered extremely lucky as there is a lot of beautiful coincidences that make the love story possible still today and receives 5-6 letters every day.

The postal address of the tree is:

Brautigamseiche, Dodauer Forst,

23701 Eutin, Germany

Image Source: Weird facts

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