An incident of hindu-muslim brotherhood in Jaipur is a ray of hope amidst lockdown

This uplifting news come to us from Jaipur, India.

There are people who are still trying to play a dirty game and amidst this helpless lockdown period, we are hearing about cases where people are bringing religion disparities in the limelight. But like it is said, if there’s evil, you will also feel the presence of something good.

A really heart touching incident took place in Jaipur where Muslims and Hindus came together and proved that the lockdown has taught them to be humans and not follow the religion race blindly. On the April 13th, a Muslim community in Sanjay Nagar Kachchi Basti came forward to help a Hindu family in performing funeral ceremony of a deceased Hindu.

Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, people cannot meet their close family members and being deprived of their community members, the Hindu family had lost all hope. At this time, a Muslim community not just came forward but also arranged for a Hindu priest in order to get all the rituals done. It was shocking to see that the Muslims also chanted mantras for the soul to rest in peace.

It was amazing to see the Hindu-Muslim brotherhood during this trying period. The deceased namely Rajendra Bhagri died fighting cancer. According to local reports, Rajendra was bedridden and was suffering from cancer since a long time. The rites were carried out in Chandpole’s funeral ground.

These people have definitely set an example for the nation and it is time we all stand in support. There is no point in passing the blame from one shoulder to another. With human power oozing out positive vibes, there are chances we can fight this pandemic. Lets us all pledge to make the world a safe place to live in.

Image Source: Times Of India

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