Engineer transforms Snorkeling gear into Ventilators

This wonderful news comes from Italy.

The connection of Italy with the global pandemic has been disastrous and it is regarded as one of the most affected country in the whole world. The country is also facing shortage of the equipment due to the increasing number of patients. The crisis has also opened new room for inventions in the time of need every possible bit is regarded huge.

The engineers who led the invention were approached by the doctors and the doctors gave them the idea to convert the snorkeling gear into lifesaving ventilator mask. The engineers used to work at the 3D printing company and hence could design a component to connect to the snorkeling gear which made the conversion. The 3D-printed valves cost less than €1.

It took very less time to get produced and is fulfilling the necessity of ventilators. The country is reporting under a thousand deaths every day because of covid-19 and the government is doing everything to help sooth the conditions. The effort made by the engineers and doctors in inventing the mask was appreciated and more such masks are expected to be made.

Image Source: Interesting Engineering

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