Lockdown around the world is helping nature regain its natural form

This wonderful news come to us from Brussels, Belgium.

While the corona outbreak is creating a lot of fuss and has brought the whole world to a standstill, there is a bright ray of hope and sunshine to chase as well. Owing to the world wide lockdown, there has been a significant decrease in the overall human activity and interaction with the environment.

As transport, construction, and even industrial machines have come to a standstill, the background seismic noise has seen a sharp reduction drastically.

Thomas Lecocq, a seismologist from Royal Observatory of Belgium housed in Brussels stated that the vibrations in the crust of the earth lessened by as much as one third to one half ever since Belgium announced nation wide lockdown.

This reduced noise has come in handy to record several important data that in turn can be very handy for understanding the crust of the earth and the associated interaction. Not just Belgium, there are several other countries where scientists could see the positive changes that have come up.

Several seismologists are of the opinion that these reduced noise in turn is going to help them get much clearer images of the earth’s crust. This might help them study the earth better and it could reap in significant benefits too.

They are also of the opinion that owing to the reduction in noise, it will be a whole lot easier to detect even earthquakes that have very low intensity on the Richter scale.

Meanwhile, some scientists also claimed that the ozone layer has been healing quite quickly in the atmosphere too. This is a proof that human interaction and interference has really caused trouble to the earth’s atmosphere and crust.

So, while we as a world need to pray and work to make sure that covid outbreak is handled at the earliest, it is the time to learn the right steps as well.

Image Source: Positive News

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