Delhi police on special duty || Shifting pregnant ladies to hospitals

This uplifting news come to us from Delhi, India.

The lockdown in India could have become a cause of major concern for the pregnant ladies due anytime soon but our cops are working hard day and night so that the people can breathe easy.

On the 5th of April, Delhi cops who are stationed with an ERV (emergency response vehicle) rushed to Rukaya’s home as soon as they were alerted on call. Rukaya being pregnant was screaming in pain and her husband had called for an ambulance but no one turned up. He then informed this cop team and they came over to shift Rukaya to the hospital.

Well, this is not the first case. Delhi cops have been working at even odd hours to answer distressed calls immediately. There have a been a total of 139 pregnant ladies shifting cases handled by the police ERVs like a pro.

This particular ERV was in southeast Delhi somewhere near Bhati mines when Rukaya’s husband gave them a call. They were extremely pressurized as there was a serious time crunch and they had to anyhow shift her to a hospital within 30 minutes. With the help of a stretcher, the team shifted her to the van’s rear seat and they also involved a lady volunteer who was busy comforting Rukaya during the shifting journey.

The cop teams claim that they are taking all steps necessary to answer all the distressed calls because they don’t want to leave any single call unanswered. Earlier on April 3rd, there were a total of 18 calls to shift pregnant ladies to hospitals and four calls out of these were at odd hours. All the 4 calls were made from remote areas around 17 kms away from speciality hospitals. It was difficult but the cops managed to answer all of them successfully.

Delivery inside the van is what the officers are scared of and they also said that keeping the patient conscious during labour is a tough task. The lady attendant is thus always called during pregnancy conveyance.

It is time we pay due respect to these people who are risking their life in order to serve the people of our nation. We can do our part by staying safe and isolated at home. Stand apart but stand in support!

Video Source: YouTube

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