IIT, Ropar professor makes device to clean PPE equipment so that it can be reused

This wonderful news comes from India.

Every effort made in the time necessity count to a million help. Adding to the innovations, the researchers at Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar decided to make a technique to clean and sterilise personal protection equipment (PPE) kits. The PPE includes surgical masks and other protective gears.

The country is in the third stage of covid-19 and is facing scarcity of PPE kits. The pandemic has caused a stress in the whole world and the demand of PPE kits is sky rocketing. The government is trying every effort to get the medical teams equipped with PPE kits. Due to lesser availability the people are forced to reuse the surgical masks and protective gears. The research team in IIT, Ropar noticed this problem and decided to create unique equipment that can clean and sterilise the protective equipment in three way of sterilisation process.

The first one would be using ultra sonication, the second would be UV-C irradiation and the third and last step is oxidising treatment of the kits. The team was led by Professor Naresh Rakha and assistant professor Khushboo Rakha. They also said that the masks can’t be washed in a similar way as clothes because its texture and pore can get hampered. Following these three step cleaning process would deep clean the surgical mask and all PPE equipment which would make them safe as new.

Image Source: College Dunia

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