This doctor from Kolkata dropped a patient home by driving 540 kms

This uplifting news come to us from Kolkata, India

We have both types of people in the world. Where on one side, we can see people taking undue advantage of the lockdown there are also others who are ready to help people at any cost.

An eight year old girl, Angela, was recently discharged from the SSKM hospital in Kolkata and her father Rajesh Baskey was getting impatient to return home. They were accompanied by Angela’s mother and the family wanted to get back to their home in Jharkhand because Angels’s younger sister was alone.

The family had already spent around 48 hours in the hospital campus after Angela was discharged on March 23rd. On March 25th, Rajesh was busy bargaining with the ambulance drivers but they were stuck at a figure of 13000-14000 and no one was ready to give him a ride back home for anything less than this amount. Angela was being treated at the hospital for intestinal obstruction was also worried for her sister alone at home and she wanted to get back to her immediately.

When anaesthetist Bablu Sardar saw Rajesh requesting the ambulance drivers, he immediately made up his mind to help the family by driving them home. Being a daily wage labourer, Rajesh was not financially stable to spend thousands of money and hence Bablu decided to help them. Rajesh also informed the doctor about two of his brother’s deaths in the last week. Although Angela was not his patient, Bablu came forward and started the trip at 9 pm on 25th March. He drove 270 kms towards Jharkhand and reached the destination at around 3 am in the morning.

Bablu was moved to see that the family’s financial condition was so bad that they couldn’t even offer a cup of tea. He was glad to see Angela’s face glowing up on meeting her sister. They both embraced each other and Bablu couldn’t stop being extremely happy on helping the family.

He managed to come back to Kolkata before 10 am and he also rejoined his duty on time. It took 30 litres of petrol to make the journey and Bablu had no regret spending from his pocket. He also shared his story on social media platforms and people applauded him. Rajesh said, “He is like God to us” and we totally agree, don’t you?

Image Source: Times Of India

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