Marriages during lockdown: Bride and groom get married on video call

This happy news come to us from India.

Mumbai based merchant navy officer Preet Singh hardly knew that his wedding date would get overshadowed by the coronavirus lockdown. Preet met his fiancee Neet Kaur on the internet a year ago and there love story blossomed too soon. They decided to get married and were supposed to unite on April 4th.

It was heart breaking for them to hear about the 3 weeks of lockdown period in India. Hailing from delhi, Neet was the first one to propose and she went down on her knees. To her surprise, Preet told her that he needed time to think. When he was ready, he took her to a restaurant and proposed her with a ring. He too went down on his knees and popped the question. Neet had already brought a jar with 100 love notes and she gifted it to Preet.

The love story was blooming day by day and the wedding date was moving closer. With many marriages being cancelled due to the lockdown, this couple decided to get married at any cost and it was then that Preet suggested to get married on a video call with the help of an application ‘zoom’.

The couple had huge plans like inviting all friends and family from india as well as abroad and getting married at a gurudwara, a grand reception and lots of fun. But who knew that there dreams were about to get shattered. So, Preet thought of having some sweet lockdown memories and in the presence of 50 family and friends, they got married and everyone was connected on zoom.

Preet also opined that he will have to resume work as soon as the lockdown is withdrawn and it wouldn’t have been possible to postpone the wedding. Moreover the couple had decided to get married on the affixed date. Preet also feels that they have sent out a strong lockdown message for people who are not paying heed to social distancing.

With full support from the families, the couple has truly set an example. Neet also feels lucky to have celebrated her mehendi and bangle ceremony just before the lockdown. She is glad that she was able to get the perfect bride feel during these ceremonies.

The formalities been done on the video call, the couple has planned to get officially married in a gurudwara as soon as they get an opportunity. God bless them!

Image Source: NDTV

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