A power couple planted more than two million trees over 20 years to restore a forest

This wonderful news comes from Brazil.

Salgado is a Brazilian photographer by profession and is married to Leila. In 1994 when he returned from Rwanda, he discovered that his family’s old cattle ranch has been completely destroyed by deforestation. He was very heart broken by seeing the condition of his family and also other people leaving by. It is important to maintain ecosystem in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But the deforestation has caused a full hurricane in their life. He and his wife decided to plant some trees and do their bit.

They started the journey by planting 100,000 seedlings in 1998 and never stopped. They have rejuvenated the forest with trees and protection with in these 20 years.

The animals were also devasted when the deforestation occurred but now even the animals, birds fishes have returned and are maintain a healthy flora and fauna in the forest. The couple has planted trees in nearly 1800 acres of land with 300 species of trees, the forest is also the resident of 170 species of birds and 30 species of mammals, some amphibians and reptiles.

The couple was honoured with many achievements and more over the humanity insider them has made tem win so many hearts.

Image Source: Bored Panda

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