Doctors made 3D print of ultrasound for an expecting mother who is blind

This wonderful news comes from Brazil.

Tatiana Guerra lost her vision when she was 17 years old. She has been blind since then. The women is now 30 years old and is expecting her son to come into this world and fill her life with joy but unlike rest mother’s she cannot see her child making the progress through ultrasound images. She was very eager to learn about her child’s progress and used to ask the doctors about him. the doctor used to describe about his eyes, nose and face but Tatiana was always dissatisfied since her imagination left her perplexed.

The doctors thought of giving her 3D printed ultrasound which would help her feel the child. A mobile 3D printing station uses the ultrasound imagery to create a physical model of the unborn baby. The printed fetus when handed over to the mother and informed that it is her child’s image. She felt her baby which left the entire staff even the mother in tears. The 3D printer is used to repair and aid human body but with the help of doctors it can also be used to make 3D ultrasounds.

Image Source: Reddit

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