Psychology professor hacks his prosthetic arms to be a DJ using his mind

This amazing news comes from Germany.

Bertolt Meyer is a 43 years old psychology professor who is also a part-time DJ and techno producer. He was a special child from his birth as he was born without the lower half of his left arm. His whole childhood was spent wearing a hook connected to harness. In 2009 he decided to get an ‘i-limb’ which is a prosthetic hand developed by Scottish company.

Meyer was the happiest to get a limb as it made him look normal and he was able to carry day to day work. But being a DJ was giving him hard time, he struggled with fiddly knobs and tweaks. He thought of an idea of picking up muscle impulses directly from his arm and to plug the I-limb directly from his arm and plug directly into the synth. He didn’t have any formal degree with engineering but used his knowledge gained from hobby in electronics. He developed a special unit which allows him to plug himself into any modular instrument using cable. He had to train it for almost a decade and then he could feel that his mind is controlling the music.

Meyer explained the feeling of controlling his hand through his mind just like as moving his hand effortlessly. He has plans to release his designs as an open source product for other disabled people who are into electronic music. He gained many recognition from being documented to sharing his story to fight stigma in TEDX speeches. This man stands a true inspiration as no shortcoming is large enough to stop us.

Image Source: Metro

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