Exposing himself to the deadly coronavirus, this vegetable seller is busy doing his job for the people

This uplifting news come to us from Ahmedabad, India.

People all over the world are being extremely thankful towards the doctors, nurses and medical staff but we also should not forget that there are many people in other spheres who deserve some appreciation.

Talking about the other spheres, the vegetable and fruit sellers who are setting up their shops in order to make fresh vegetables and fruits available to the people  are also doing a great job. One such vegetable seller is Manish Verma from Ahmedabad.

Manish has been selling vegetables in the Maninagar area since five years and he has developed a healthy relationship with several customers. Despite the tough situation that the country is currently facing, Manish opines that it is the time when his relationship with his customers has been put to test and he must pass it.

Having a two year old baby and elderly parents at home, Manish also feels that being exposed in the market area he would be a threat for his parents as well as the little kid but his dedication towards his customers weighed more in his eyes. Despite being told to shut down the shop, Manish did not listen to his parents and he has been setting up his shop early in the morning and also in the afternoon so that his customers and people in need can get fresh vegetables and fruits each day.

He also stated that despite the lockdown, the supply of vegetables and fruits has been steady and he feels elated to see the smile on the face of his customers. The reduction in supply would have also caused a hike in the prices and during this crisis it would hit the public hard.

The 26 year old vegetable seller has also been getting calls from several customers at odd times of the day, demanding fresh vegetables. He believes that when he is doing the noble cause of fulfilling the basic needs of people, karma will definitely spare him from the deadly virus.

He made it clear that being scared, his customers don’t stay long at his stall and they leave quickly after they are done. He seems to be good at heart and risking his life for fulfilling the needs of people makes it all the clearer.

Image Credits: Times Of India

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