Chal Rang De Movement is Coloring Mumbai

This wonderful news comes from India.

We often relate unhygienic, dirty and unorganised with slum areas but what if I told you that there is a group in Mumbai that is transforming the dharavi, which is considered the largest slum area of the world. Deedepya Reddy is a graduate from Harvard University and has done numerous social work for kids and refugees though she never felt content with the amount of work she was doing.

While travelling to the slum areas of Mumbai, she saw an unwinding beauty which she wanted other people to experience. She thought of filling the colours and sharing the magic of her vision with other people. She started a movement called- Chal Rang De and asked volunteer to come over and paint the slums on weekends. She did the official work of seeking permission from The BMC and police .The people were also shocked as in why someone would do such selfless work. The families also offered meals to them while the team used to paint. They also received bundle of queries and response to from all over the internet. The response was so over whelming for them and the support gave them so much courage to continue the good work. The next project is to dip the entire city in the magic of colors.

Image source: LBB


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