75 years old women had fostered more than 600 children

This wonderful news comes to use from Iowa.

Linda is a 75 years old woman who has fostered more than 600 children in her life span; she spent her life in lowa and has always been considered as a kind lady. People of the community can count on her for any need. She used to run a home daycare and also worked as a night custodian at a high school. She was known for taking in kids with special medical conditions and needs.

She saw her best friend fostering teenage girls and thought what about the other child. Then she began fostering no matter the age, gender, or any special needs, no child was turned away by her. Linda also worked as volunteer as a first responder and raised eight children, including three who were foster kids. At the age of 75, now she has stopped fostering any more children due to her age and other medical condition. She passed her foster trait to her children and grandchildren and asked them to look after it. She has also received many honours including Johnson Country Board Supervisors, IA, for her great work in terms of child fostering and stabilising life of so many children in need. Some might fear that how are they going to manage financially and where are they going to keep them, but if you have the courage and compassion for doing something. Everything finds a path to be done.

Image Source: Today

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