Sameera Satija fights against non biodegradable waste with the help of crockery bank

This wonderful news comes to us from Gurugram, India.

The world is gearing towards no plastic use or say zero plastic but even then the concept is being followed by only a few. In our country, we are unable to see people taking steps towards boycotting the use of non biodegradable items.

Sameera Satija, the crockery bank lady from Gurugram is all set to reduce the burden of waste on mother earth. Sameera felt disgusted to see a huge pile of disposable plates and bowls outside venues of events, parties, marriages etc. She decided to take up the social responsibility of teaching people about the hazards of these disposables and started organising workshops for the same.

In the year 2018, on the auspicious day of Nirjala Ekadashi, Sameera introduced her initiative namely, The Crockery Bank and yes it is today being followed by around 32 teams all over India.

What is this bank all about?

Sameera has a clear concept of “Take-Use-Wash-Dry-Return”, and whats more important is that she  started giving out the utensils for use free of cost. Now, this concept not only helped people from all sections of the society save money but it also saved the environment. The cleanliness of the utensils is taken extra care of and the borrowing party is told to clean and dry the utensils properly before returning them.

Sameera started this initiative with the help of few of her pals and close relatives who financed the project collectively and steel thalis and other utensils could be bought and stocked. With passing time, there have been additions to the stock with more funding from people.

It is shocking but the crockery bank has saved the environment from around 370000 single time use plastic waste till date. Sending out this loud and clear message of sustainable living and waste management, Sameera has been rightly honoured with ‘Sustainability Vision: 2030’ by Ministry of Steel, Government of India.

It is a great initiative which if followed on a small scale can bring a big change in the society. So, when are you planning to start a similar bank in your area? Think about it!

Image Source: Sheroes

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