Nigel Akkara: The Name That Rose After Fall

This inspiring news is from India.

If there any rebirth in one life time, it is experienced by this man named Nigel Akkara. He has this tremendous criminal history but later flipped his life by becoming one of the greatest stars of Bengali Film Industry. He has spent a major time of his youth in prison which taught him a lot and he decided to make his life worth the count.

The story of Akkara started when he was a teenager, he was in contact of wrong people and entered the criminal gang. When he was about to get graduated, he was arrested with the charges of kidnapping, extortion and murder. His family was in shock when they came across this page of Akkara’s life.

His life under imprisonment wasn’t smooth at all since he was a very restless and aggressive. His short-temper made him get into so many fights. He later used his energy in developing skills and emerging into religious learnings and meditation.

His life flipped when Indian dancer Alokanada Roy came to the jail for cultural therapy work. He spotted Nigel and asked him to play a folk singer role. At first he was hesitant but later accepted the role and portrayed it with utmost grace. He also performed for Roy in his other drama as well after coming out from prison. In 2012 Akkara acted in Bengali films based on his life name ‘Mukhtodhara’ by then he has completely transformed himself and was moving only for betterment in terms of personality as well as his business.

He did a lot of good work such as starting a theatre which welcomed drug addicts, sex workers and transgender which would help such people heal and emote themselves better. He also runs a housekeeping and hospitality service company which would provide stable income to the poor people involved in such work. Akkara’s every investment has some thought behind it which signifies how much he has worked on himself. A legend like him gives us motivation that no grave is deep enough to stop us getting out of it.

Image Source: Readers Digest

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