90 year old man cooks food for homeless

This wonderful news comes from Italy.

There is absolutely no age where one should give up on good work and if there is strength, No one can stop you. The story of courage and kindness is what we take away from Impagliazzo who is a 90 year old retired man in Rome. He once met a man who was asking for sandwich since he was homeless and a daily wage earner and couldn’t earn on a Sunday. He was quite sad on the site that there are some people who cannot even get a proper meal while there are privileged people who party on a Sunday. So, he thought instead of buying a sandwich he could make two sandwiches with the same money which can fill more people’s appetite.

He started an initiative of providing food to homeless people and named it “in the neighbourhood”. He started the organisation with his friends and they used to cook sandwiches and distribute them to the needy. The organisation grew and he started a on profit organisation named RomAmor and expanded the program by hiring kitchen and involving more volunteers. For 15 years he collects food from markets and bakeries from retailers for his organisation.

The organisation roughly has 300 volunteers and has provided 35000 meals annually to the poor people. Impagliazzo is famously known as the “chef of the poor” in the city of Rome.

Image Source: Learning English

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