Just born baby girl’s reaction caught on camera made her an internet sensation

This happy news come to us from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Becoming an internet sensation overnight is nothing new these days but have you heard of anyone becoming famous seconds after coming to this world?

Well, we are talking about the little baby girl Isabela Pereira de Jesus born on the 13th of last month. Breathing her first in Rio de Janeiro, Isabela gave such an expression just after few seconds of taking birth that the photographer present there namely Rodrigo Kunstmann could not hold himself back. He went on and captured the perfect moment.

At that very instant, he had this thing in mind that posting Isabela’s expressions on the web would transform into hilarious memes. Actually the girl gave an angry and disgusted expression when she was born. He posted the picture on Facebook, a few days later and also wrote a caption that goes like, “Today is my birth and I don’t even have clothes for this!”

Being shared by news outlets almost all around the world but particularly Australia and UK, people went crazy looking at the girl’s expression. The baby’s mom Daiane Pereira da Rocha feels that her daughter is courageous and it is well reflected in her very first picture after she was delivered. Daiane also mentioned that Isabela makes this frowning face almost everything when she is nursed or her diapers are changed.

Daiane also mentioned that she was due the next week but the strong girl decided when to pop out and she came in a week early. Describing her delivery to be a smooth process, Daiane also sort of laughed after seeing her daughter’s first reaction on entering the world. She opined the same as Kunstmann that the picture would definitely go viral and become the subject of memes.

Well, it actually happened because the internet went crazy and people came up with hilarious memes describing what’s exactly going on in the baby’s mind while she had that expression on her face. Isn’t the girl adorable?

For all those having a bad day, a glimpse of this funny but cute picture will brighten up your day. The photographer and the doctors as well as staff present inside the operation theatre must have had a wonderful time witnessing this scene in person.

Image Credits: Business Insider

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