Italian Start-up Company produces vales in case of Emergency

This wonderful news comes from Italy.

In the situation of grief all that we need is a ray of hope. Any form of help is highly appreciated. The man from Italy is a founder of Start-up Company named Isinnova heard about the shortage of ICU valves.

The number of covid-19 patients has increased in Italy within a very short span of time which led to the deficiency of respiratory valves. The insufficient valves can lead to death of many, when Cristian heard of this he thought of helping his country and discussed the idea with his fellow 14 members of the company. His small team used 3D printer to print 100 lifesaving respirator valves for free and donated it to the hospital.

These valves connect oxygen masks to respirators used by coronavirus patients suffering from respiratory complications. His help has saved several patients suffering from covid-19.

We need more people like Cristina and his team.

Image Source: Sputnik News


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