Payal Jangid receives Changemaker award for child welfare

This wonderful news comes from India.

Payal Jangid is a 17 years old girl from Rajasthan, at your first glance when you see her she appears to be a normal teenager with the shine to conquer the world in her eyes. This girl has so many achievements that people can spend lifetime in achieving.

Payal is born in a space where child marriage is normal and is expected to be performed by their parents. Payal was forced to be married when she was 11 years old. She was perplexed as in what is happening and why is being forced to get married. She approached an activist who was working in her area. The activist convinced her father against the marriage.

Payal saved her life but she wasn’t content as she could still see many girls still going through the same, she took the initiative to convince families of girls to study and not get them married.  She has done many things to raise awareness about education and child marriages. Jangid organised rallies, posters, paint walls, tried to influence families. She firmly believes that every child deserve a chance to get education and not be exploited at such an age irrespective of their age. She was also elected as the leader of children’s parliament.

She is the first Indian to get the Changemaker Award, presented by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Her father is very proud of her work and says he is going to support her in every way. Her work is now world-wide recognised for child welfare.

Image Source: India TV News


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