Meet Sarika Panda Bhatt, the lady for bringing revolutionary streets in India

This inspring news comes to us from Gurugram, India.

Throwing light on how important is the street for the pedestrians and the cyclists, Sarika Panda Bhatt co-founded Raahgiri Day in 2013.

The foundation initially came up with the concept of having car free zones on streets wherein around 4.5 kms of street was reclaimed for people for a couple of hours on Sunday mornings. This happened around DLF4 and Galleria road in Gurugram and people from all spheres came forward in full support. Since then the concept has been duplicated by around 70 cities in our nation and Raahgiri has also roped in several other locations in Gurugram. Emphasising on the importance of safe streets and explaining the true meaning of sustainable living, Raahgiri believes in having minimal vehicles on road. The authorities also came up with Raahgiri Night wherein they decided to make selected Gurgaon market places a vehicle-free zone for the residents one day in a week.

Rising from Odisha’s Kalahandi district, Sarika came a long way from the small town to becoming a powerful corporate. She studied Architecture in Bhubaneshwar and continued in New Delhi. An inspiration for one and all, her efforts in the transport and urban development field is extraordinary.

Sarika has also been awarded with accolades like the Bicycle Mayor of Gurugram and one among the world’s 40 most remarkable women working in the transport sector by BYCS Netherlands and TUMI Germany respectively. Ensuring road safety of cyclists and pedestrians, Sarika also leads forums like India Vision Zero. She believes that it is essential to set an example and only then people would follow your steps. She opts for cycling around the city instead of using a car whenever she is unable to find public transport. She also finds inadequate public transport a serious concern for the society.

A strong woman who is not power hungry but wants life to be simple and eco-friendly, Sarika is working hard day and night to make the streets a happy place. Having various other concerns to handle, this woman is a pro and she deserves the utmost level of respect and dignity.

Image Source: Indian Express

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