9 Year Old Boy Establishes Animal Shelter

This wonderful news comes from Philippines.

Ken Amante, a nine year old boy would walk around the city feeding stray dogs with his pocket money. He was disgusted by seeing the life lived by these dogs. He wanted to do something for the welfare of these dogs .He shared the dream of starting a no kill shelter for stray dogs but was perplexed by the thought of arranging so much money.

This is exactly when internet proved to be a boon. Ken’s dad launched a website named “Happy Animals Club” and by seeing the effort of the little boy, donations from all over the world started coming.

They built the happy club with only three dogs and it has expanded and holds so many more puppies. The puppies are treated with utmost care and are never kept in cages unless they are anxious.

Ken says he came up with no kill animal shelter because he thinks there are more kill shelter than actual shelters for animals. The boy wants to save as many animals as he could from being killed for no reason.

Image Source: Bored Panda


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