106 year old Environmentalist Sets New Record

This wonderful news comes from India.

Famously said that if one door closes, the other door opens which is more prospering and fulfilling. This quote very accurately describes the story of Saalumarada Thimmakka who is 106 year old environmentalist from a small village of Karnataka, India who has planted over 8000 trees and has secured her position in the list of BBC’s 100 most influential women. She was awarded the fourth highest civilian award, Padma Shri in the year 2019.

She hailed from a very humble background with a very limit sources. Her father wasn’t able to provide proper education and started working at very young age. When Thimmakka was married she was not able to conceive any child. The disappointment of not having any child didn’t gloom her strength, instead the couple decided to plant a banyan tree and take care of it as their own child.

Later the couple started enjoying taking care of trees and decided to plant more in their village since they weren’t enough trees in the localities. They used to take out time from their day to day work and plant more banyan trees and took care of it. When they learned about how good it is for the environment their passion was more polished with some responsibility. They come never thought about money or never asked for any financial support from anyone, though they went through their own hardships.

They real challenge for Saalumarada arose when the one who supported her most in all the ups and down left her. Her husband passed in 1991 but didn’t make her weak instead he gave her enough strength before leaving to carry the good work with more compassion. It took a while for her to get recognised for her and work an being supported by the Government. All the trees planted by the couple are now managed by the Karnataka Government.

She has been awarded with many prestigious awards and is a role model for everyone. She is the oldest environmentalist who is has earned so much respect for her work worldwide.

Image Source: Metro Saga



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