Floral flower painting in the Polish village of Zalipie, a Midas-touch of colour

This wonderful news come to us from Poland.

Located 90 min from Krakow, Zalipie is a small town in Poland which is known for its unique and ubiquitous art form which you can witness as soon as you step on its turf. You do not need to find a museum to see it but the whole village in itself is a giant art gallery and all its walls, homes are its canvas.

All the homes, churches, public spots and bridges are painted in marvellous decorative flower paintings and every year annually they get into a friendly neighbourhood competition to refresh and rejoice their art. The Malowana Chata or Painted Cottage competition is hosted every year during spring following Corpus Cristi.

It is one of the oldest traditions in Zalipie dating back to 1948. Poland had suffered a 17% decline in population by the end of WWII and festivals like these helped them get together as a community and shed some positive light.

Tale goes, it was started by a few wise ladies to cover the shoot left on the walls due to poor stove ventilation. They painted the spots and marks with decorative flowers and with time the ventilation got better yet the painting remained. Soon it started something beautiful and colourful for this small village and currently the town of Zalipie is so immersed in its colour that every year it attracts tourists and visitors from outside.

The whole atmosphere is colourful and vibrant. Zalipie also now has a special museum which is the life work of a resident namely Felicja Curylowa. In 1974, following the demise of Felicja, her three-bedroom cottage was turned into a museum and till today it is one of the finest coloured galleries. It has decorative walls, ceilings, spoon, bulbs, every inch of the home is an art specimen.

Zalipie is a glaring example of living better together and shows how something which started as something trivial has now become a tradition that brings people together not just within the community but also from outside. Art to connect all. There is so much to learn from the people of this gorgeous village and the beautiful artwork is truly an inspiration for one and all. If someone can spread happiness in a little village why can’t it be done on a larger scale and cover the entire world? Ever thought so?

Image Credits: My Modern Met

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