11 year old blind boy swims across Periyar river in just 30 minutes

This uplifting news come to us from Kerala, India.

It is rightly said that with true dedication you can achieve even the impossible. 11 year old boy Manoj R always dreamt of learning to swim and he finally won several hearts with his sheer dedication.

Studying in class VII of Aluva’s school for the blind, Manoj got trained under Saji Valasseril who has trained about 3000 students till date. Since the last 10 years, Saji has been teaching people to swim in the Periyar river with Manoj being his second blind student who achieved success.

Manoj used to feel upset on hearing the loud cheers of children playing in water bodies. He had the urge to learn swimming but was always looking for the right teacher. Saji turned out to be the perfect match for Manoj and he also praised Manoj for his commitment towards learning how to swim. Joining a month before actually swimming across the Periyar river, Saji claims that Manoj was able to swim in the river after the first 2 weeks of training.

Last month when the day of the final showdown arrived, Manoj’s parents along with the school headmistress, manager as well as few of Manoj’s classmates gathered around the banks of the river beside the Aluva Shiva temple and they witnessed Manoj swimming towards them from the opposite bank.

Saji was swimming ahead of Manoj in order to guide him with sound signals and the latter reached the opposite end in just 30 minutes. Saji holds the opinion that during this period when we often get to hear news of people dying because of drowning, it is important for each one of us to learn basic swimming. It is also the best exercise for human brain as well as body.

Praising Manoj for his hardwork, Saji also said that he used to arrive on time for his training and the one month long training will help him in facing challenges in life. The crowd gathered around to see Saji swim across the river was elated to see the boy’s success. They praised the student as well as the tutor for their dedication and hardwork.

We often meet people who use their disabilities as an excuse for not doing various errands but Manoj is an inspiration for the world because he proved it to everyone that no disability can stand as a barrier between you and your dreams.

Image Credits: Times Of India

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