Alcohol Company to Now Produce Sanitizers to Help Save World

This wonderful news comes from Puerto Rico.

While we are in the middle of chaos due to the huge spread of covid-19 and it seems like a situation where people are stocking up all the toilet rolls, sanitizers, soaps, hand washes to keep themselves clean. They have forgotten if they don’t let other people keep themselves clean, it’s of no use.

This is the idea that arose to the company of Puerto Rico that produces alcohol. The company is now going to use all the factories owned by them to produce ethyl-alcohol, which is indicated by World Health Organization as suitable for sanitization and disinfection protocol.

Destilería Serrallés Inc. has refocused their manufacturing operations on producing ethyl alcohol and donating it to the hospital as the Covid-19 can be paused only by maintaining proper hygiene and isolation.

The company won’t be charging a single penny for the chemical concentration and would donate it for free as there were some cases reported on the territory.

We need more companies to smarten their production and help their fellow humans to fight this detection.

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