Rare white giraffe spotted by conservationists in Kenya will make you go wow

This wonderful news come to us from Kenya.

Nature never leaves a chance to surprise us and once again we got a reason to pop out our eyes and scream, “OMG! Are they for real?”

Well, it isn’t anything scary! When anyone asks you what colour a giraffe is? The answer is always orange and brown but have you ever heard of white giraffes? Yes, conservationists in Kenya spotted a white giraffe duo and they looked pretty.

The white mother as well as baby giraffe were caught on camera by park rangers from the Hirola Conservation Program (HCP). The men were simply roaming around the field when they saw the beauties. First spotted by local villagers, this duo has leucism, a genetic condition wherein the skin cells are affected because of a lower level of several pigments.

The park rangers filmed the duo on camera and in the video the worried mother can be seen moving back and forth as if singling her baby to hide behind the bushes.

We also told you about the pristine while Icelandic horses but white giraffe is all the more unbelievable. The villagers who spotted them first also couldn’t hold back their inquisitiveness and they informed the park rangers about the same. The video shot by them is being loved by people and everyone is eager to know more about white giraffes.

It is also said that white giraffe spotting is extremely rare and they were last seen in Kenya and Tanzania. If there is anyone out there who says nature isn’t magical, tell them about these white giraffes and trust me they will find the giraffes adorable too. We wish the duo has a healthy life ahead and hope this genetic condition is not a reason of pain for them.

Image Source: Can You Actually

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