This 1400 year old tree from China sheds beautiful golden leaves and attracts tourists

This wonderful news come to us from China.

Most of you must not be knowing about the ginkgo tree that belongs to a very ancient period even before the time when dinosaurs existed. Ginkgo biloba, the only specie alive from the ginkgo genus is native to China.

Well, we will today tell you about this special 1400 year old ginkgo that can be found in Gu Guanyin Buddhist Temple housed in the Zhongnan mountains. This gorgeous tree in China is so beautiful that it will leave you mesmerized.

You must have seen many beautiful natural landscapes but this tree has a unusual phenomena of shedding its leaves on the ground. Hold on, there is a twist in the story. The leaves are not green but golden coloured.

Actually, this magical tree happens to change colours during the autumn season and its green leaves changes to bright yellow ones and trust me you won’t be able to take your eyes off. A gorgeous golden yellow heap stretched out in a large area around the tree is something to look out for. Several visitors gather to witness the magical phenomena. It is heart breaking to know that this tree is one of the few trees from this specie left on planet earth.

Known to have grown in the gardens of temples in the Eastern side of the world, the first known seeds were brought in the year 1700 to Europe. Well, the decline of Ginkgo biloba from the world is directly related to deforestation and it is the urgent need that we think twice before felling trees.

Even if you cannot witness this magic in person, knowing about the wonderful tree in itself is a blessing. Nature is truly magical in many senses and this gorgeous tree is definitely a living proof.

Image Source: Can You Actually

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