Farmer sells onion and becomes millionaire

This wonderful news comes to us from India.

A farmer from Karnataka has been in the onion growing business from past 15 years. Just like any year he took loan and went ahead with his onion cultivation process. Mallikarjuna never in his dreams has never expected the price to hike in such order.

The farmer invested 15 lakhs this year in growing the crops through which he grew 240 tonnes of onions. There was huge risk of getting caught in the depths but he still went ahead with it. The farmer made a profit of whooping 96 lakhs and cleared all his depths.

Earlier he was cultivating on 2-3 acres of land which he extended to 20 acres. He plans on buying house and extending his business further. The onion industry saw the highest hike in the prices than ever. The prices went from Rupees 7 to as high as Rupees 200. These incidents teach us that we should never lose hope.

Image Source: Yara

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